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The Extrude tool gets an upgrade

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Fusion’s January 2021 update brings us a new feature to the Extrude tool. We now have the option to do a Thin Extrude.

Now when you activate the Extrude tool, you’ll notice that there’s an additional option in the dialog box called Thin Extrude. Basically, instead of extruding the entire enclosed profile of your sketch, this option simply extrudes a thin wall along the profile. Think of what you get when you shell a body and also remove the bottom.

In the video above I do a quick first look at this feature and demo some use cases. These are just some of the immediate ways I could think of using this new feature. I’m sure, there are a lot more ways that I look forward to discovering. You bet there will be future videos for these.

Here are some features I didn’t cover in the video.

  • The dialog box has an option to choose the Wall Location. For example, you can select Outside, Inside, or Center.

  • This also works on text! You just have to make sure that the wall thickness is small enough to work with the extruded body.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this feature. Especially if you have an application that I didn’t cover.

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