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3D Printing Design Academy with Fusion 360

Beginner Course

Quickly master the skills and techniques to confidently begin creating your own models without being overwhelmed by the learning curve, wasting precious time youtubing “how to” videos, and constantly being in a “relearning the basics” cycle.

Fusion 360 Next Level

Intermediate Level Course

You've mastered the basics but we're just scratching the surface. Continue developing your Fusion 360 skills and go beyond the basics with this intermediate level course. 

3D Printing Design Academy for the Classroom and Makerspace

School License

Give your students access to the best 3D design educational training and equip them for the future

A full online curriculum with easy to follow step by step video lessons to equip your students with the skills and confidence to begin designing their own models for 3D printing using the powerful and free Fusion 360 design software