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Confidently Design Your Own Models

And Unleash Your Creativity

Quick Start Course.png

Fusion 360 Quick Start Course

Absolute Beginner

Follow my guided path in this beginner video course as we design 7 models that will introduce just the essential tools and techniques to quickly get you creating your own models. And I'll be using the current version of Fusion 360 so you can rest assured that my screen will match yours!

Design Challenge Pack 1.png

Fusion 360 Design Challenge Pack 1

Beginner - After completing Quick Start Course

The perfect sequel to the Quick Start Course!  Your mission is to recreate 5 challenge designs.  Having completed the Quick Start Course, you have already learned all the required skills to complete each challenge.  If you get stuck or are not sure about the design approach you took, simply watch my step by step solutions video for each challenge to see my approach.

3d printing design academy.png

3D Printing Design Academy with Fusion 360


The quickest and most efficient way to get up and running with Fusion 360 and on your way to confidently design your own models.  The Quick Start Course gave you the essentials, now it's time to do a deeper dive.  We follow a ‘just in time’ approach to learning. Every tool and technique is taught by actually using it to design beautiful and practical models.  This course also includes a module on 3D printing your designs and each model includes a section on the exact settings I used to get the best print quality.

Fusion 360 next level.png

Fusion 360 Next Level


You've mastered the basics but we've only just scratched the surface on the possibilities. Continue developing your Fusion 360 skills with this intermediate level course. We continue building on what we've learned so far by introducing additional tools and design techniques that you can begin applying right away.

We follow the same principle of learning by doing. I'll walk you through designing beautiful and practical models. Each model carefully chosen to teach new Fusion 360 design techniques.

Master 2D sketching.png

Master 2D Sketching


2D sketches are the foundation of your 3D models. Understanding the sketch tools available to you will allow you to approach your designs more efficiently and allow you to be more creative.

Each video dives into one of the sketch shape creation tools explaining exactly how the tool works and all of the available options.

Included is also a module on each one of the sketch constraints with video tutorials and examples on how to apply each one.  This course will be your tool library to revisit over and over again whenever you need it.

Weekly Live Class.png

Fusion 360 Weekly Live Class

All Levels

In each class, you have the opportunity to share your screen and get help with your Fusion 360 designs. You will also learn a ton simply by participating and seeing how we solve your classmates' questions. Can't make a particular session? No problem, you'll have access to all the recordings so that you can watch anytime at your convenience.

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