Design the Tesla Cybertruck in Fusion 360

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Finally, a car even beginners can design.

You’ve probably seen all the memes by now on Tesla’s new Cybertruck.

Ok, whatever your opinion is of the design - one fact remains.

This is actually a car that beginners in Fusion 360 can design.

I don’t know about you but that was my first thought.

Ok, maybe my second thought.

And to help you along with this fun design, I’ve created a video.

In my latest YouTube video I go through the main parts in designing the Cybertruck with Fusion 360.

Check it out above and give it a shot creating your own.

If you'd rather start with a completed design and give it your own twist, download the .f3d file here.

Post your design to social media and tag #desktopmakes.

I look forward to seeing your take on this model.

Looking to get started with Fusion 360? Check out my Quick Start Mini Series. Free for a limited time. I created 7 beginner designs that I walk you through to quickly and easily get you up and running with Fusion 360.

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