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Fusion 360 - Five Essential Tips for Beginners

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

When I first started learning to design with Fusion 360 there were things that I found very frustrating. I would get stuck on a design for hours. "Why won't you just do what I want you to do?!", I would shout at my screen. Many times these headaches could have been avoided by simply understanding some simple concepts. For example, hitting escape after using a specific design tool. Or, a big one for me was finally understanding how Sketch Constraints work and realizing that these little white symbols can simply be deleted with press of a button. Having taught Fusion 360 for a few years now, I've been able to see that my students struggle with the same issues that also got me in the beginning. To help you avoid these traps, I've put together this Five Essential Tips for Beginners guide. Had I watched this when I first started designing it would have saved me hours of frustration and headaches. Click on the video below to watch my beginner tips and avoid these common frustrations!

My big aha! moment with Fusion 360 happened when I finally understood how to use Constraints. Get my free Fusion 360 Constraint Cheat Sheet and see what I mean.

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Get my free Fusion 360 Constraints Cheat Sheet

and create designs that don't break when you need to make a change to your model!
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