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A Fun Fusion 360 Challenge

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to design this strawberry planter.

It consists of a center cylinder surrounded by four pots. The center cylinder has holes that distribute water to all four pots. Watch the video below and pause at 2:37, then fire up Fusion 360 to give it a shot.

After you've either completed the design or given it a good effort, you may then watch the remainder of the video to see my approach.

I'm also providing the Fusion 360 f3d file below. That way you have access to the design and the timeline.

Here's the video. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as I regularly post valuable Fusion 360 content.

The original inspiration for this project came from The 3D Printing Nerd youtube channel. You can check out Joel's video here.

My big aha! moment with Fusion 360 happened when I finally understood how to use Constraints. Get my free Fusion 360 Constraint Cheat Sheet and see what I mean.

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Get my free Fusion 360 Constraints Cheat Sheet

and create designs that don't break when you need to make a change to your model!
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