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Creating a Cylindrical Inlay in Fusion 360 - Part 1

3D printing a model with multiple colors can be a challenge if you're printer only has one extruder. The solution is to print the parts separate and either glue them together or design them so that they snap fit.

The latter is the more challenging route but definitely the more satisfying. There's something about the feel and sound and look of a perfectly designed snap fit that sends a rush of endorphins to my brain.

Obtaining this experience is hard enough on flat models but I decided to up the level of difficulty and try designing a cylindrical snap fit part. The plan is to create a container that has a snap fit cylindrical pattern of the famous Greek Key.

This introduces all kinds of challenges such as getting the pattern to complete a perfect wrap around the cylinder with no gaps or overlaps. The second challenge is printing the two parts without creating a mess of supports.

In the video above I take advantage of a few Fusion 360 design techniques to solve these challenges. This project will be separated into two videos. In this one, I show how I approached the cylindrical pattern and in the next video I'll show how I approached designing it for 3D printing. You'll want to catch both videos as I'll be sharing some valuable Fusion 360 techniques.

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