Create Curved Text in Fusion 360

Updated: Aug 26

Tutorial video below

It’s finally here! An elegant way to create curved text! Fusion regularly releases updates but every once in a while they release a new feature that literally has me jumping for joy and this is one of them.

A question that I get often is, “how can I revolve text around a circular object?”

I’ve put together a few tutorials on how to accomplish this but all the prior solutions were just unsatisfying. They either resulted in distorting the letters around the edges or involving so many steps that sometimes it just wasn’t worth it. Who’s got time to jump into the Sheet Metal environment and unfold and refold surfaces just to get some curved text?

In the August 2020 update, Fusion released a dedicated tool for this. I introduce the Emboss tool! 🎉

Found within the Create menu, the Emboss tool does one job and does it well.

Start by creating a sketch. The sketch can consist of a unique shape or text. Next, create your curved body. Select the Emboss command and simply select your sketch profile and the body you want to emboss and voila! You have your curved emboss. You can also make a Deboss to have engravings.

There are also some neat things you can do such as embossing at an angle.

Check out the video below where I guide you through the features in the new Emboss command and you’ll be on your way to creating your own creative engravings in no time!

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