3D Printing to Improve a Product

Being able to design for 3D printing changes the way you look at the world.

It changes the way you buy things.

I find myself buying products with completely different intentions than what the designer had in mind.

One of my favorite activities is to walk down the isles of the hardware store with a coffee in one hand while looking for the right part that can be adapted to fit my next project.

It doesn’t have to be exactly what I need because I know that by designing and 3D printing a simple bracket, a clip, or an extension as an add-on to the part I can get it to be exactly what I need.

And it doesn’t just have to be functional parts.

Take for example the wireless charging poker chip thingy that comes with the Apple smartwatch.

My first reaction after opening the package was “I can get creative with this!

In the video above, I show how I took this concept to design my own unique charging stand.

I designed the stand to mimic the style of my imac desktop.

It’s a nice little addition to my desk and I love the way it looks as a little mini-me to my 21” imac.

There are quite a few little gold nuggets of Fusion 360 techniques in this video.

We’ll cover:

  • Designing with Components as opposed to simply creating individual bodies. I discuss some of the advantages of going this route.

  • We look at creating joints as I show how to add a revolute joint between two parts.

  • I cover a neat trick that takes advantage of using the Loft tool in the surface environment.

  • Plus much more.



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