Holiday Collection of 3D Prints

Updated: Aug 26

Click on image below to access full Holiday Collection of 3D prints

“You made this?” “This is so cool!” Every year during the holidays I like to design and 3D print something small and give it away to close friends and family. I sort of started my own little tradition and they even look forward to it. They really do get excited about these gifts. One year I designed and 3D printed a gift box and put the “real” gift inside the gift box. I had a hard time getting them to even open the gift box because that was the part they were most thrilled with. They would hold it close to their eye turning it in every direction and ask about how I made the little bow on top and how they loved the colors. “How did you do this part?” “And what about this part?” After finally getting them to open the gift box to see the present inside they simply went back to the gift box! This was several years ago and they all still have their little 3D printed gift boxes. I’ll visit during the holidays and see my own little creation now hanging on their tree or placed on the window sill as part of their holiday decorations. There’s something extra special about giving a gift that you made yourself. Throw in the cool factor that it’s 3D printed and it’s an instant hit! I really look forward to doing this every year. And here’s the best part. You don’t have to have a background in industrial design to do this kind of stuff. In fact, you don’t need a background in anything. If you can operate a computer mouse, you can begin designing beautiful models like the ones below and I can guide you on the path to get there. As for my Christmas gift to you, I’ve put together a collection of all my holiday designs throughout the years and have provided all the stl files so you can download and print your own. Access the collection here. Have fun with these designs but remember that the goal is to get you to begin designing your own. I’ve put together a free Quick Start guide to get you started on that path. Click here to get it.

One more thing… If you’ve already given your input to this question, Thank You! If not, I could really use your input. I’m working on something new for you and could really use your help to make it truly awesome. And my question to you is this: When it comes to creating your own models in Fusion 360, what’s your biggest challenge? Can you do me a favor and click on the link below? >> Click here to tell me your biggest challenge when designing with Fusion 360 << Thanks a ton. Looking to get started with Fusion 360? Check out my Quick Start Mini Series. Free for a limited time. I created 7 beginner designs that I walk you through to quickly and easily get you up and running with Fusion 360.


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