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Live Class Preview

Below is a Live Class recording from a recent class.

I've included the video timestamp below if you simply want to skip around.  I recommend watching Bob's design question on how to design a holder for his paint tubes(19:50).  We try a few student suggestions and then I show what I think is the best approach to solve this design.  This is a good example of the type of problem solving that goes on in these live classes.

Video Timestamps

0:00 General Discussion
19:50 Bob's design question on the best way to make a holder for his paint tube holder - applying patterns in a staircase fashion
48:20 - Vladimir's solution to Bob's Question
Show and Tell
1:07:00 Vladimir's Snap Assemble
1:16:54 Jackie's big Lego Man
1:21:45 Irv's 3D printed 7 segment clock made with led strips
1:24:07 Ed's lit up tree (stl modified in the Mesh workspace to fit tea light), spinning ornaments, nozzle cleaning filament
1:30:45 Kayvon' update with the new Erg Caddy v5 or 6
1:35:00 Brian's dollar store bowls with 300 hand drilled holes for led inserts

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