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Lesson 1 - Move your Body

Monday Jan 4th at 1pm
Desktop Makes

Desktop Makes

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Here’s what’s included in this limited time promotion:

  • Fusion 360 Next Level course ($249 Value) 

  • Dodecahedron Lamp Course ($97 Value)

  • One month free access to my Fusion 360 Weekly Live Class where you can get live help with your designs ($97 Value)

  • Lifetime Access my online students group for extra support ($500 Value)

Total Value = $943.00

Click here to go to the tutorial video and make sure to check out the details of the limited time promotion.

Student Review

"I had been searching for a while for Fusion 360 tutorials and was thrilled when I found Vlad’s Desktopmakes Tutorials. The pace of the Beginner’s class is perfect. Vlad is an extremely gifted teacher with a clear delivery that everyone can understand. He explains the why’s and how’s of Fusion 360. You will see your confidence build as you advance from one project to the next.  

The best part is you will have these tutorials available for life!! I have gone back and viewed them many times when I needed help in designing new projects. 

Vlad is a master teacher and he will help you become proficient in Fusion 360."


-Reyce Krause

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