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Take the conFusion 
out of Fusion 360

Get your free Fusion 360 Constraints PDF

and create designs that don't break when you need to make a change to your model!

Quickly go from complete beginner to confidently designing your own creative models with my structured easy to follow approach!

Fusion 360 made easy!

"This course was the most useful one I have ever seen. It has taken away some of the confusion that I had with Fusion 360. The pacing was great and the topics very helpful. I will definitely recommend it to others who need help." - Cathy O'Malley


"I've been using other tutorials. None have explained things as thoroughly for a beginner as you have." | Jerome Rossman

"Really well paced - nothing skipped, but also not over-explained. The lecturer has a clear and interesting voice. This is the first course that I have stuck with and enjoyed all the way through." | John Lombardo

"This was a fun and very informative course and I loved every minute of it. You made fusion 360 less intimidating and more fun to use. Thank you so much. I am now going onto your next course, thanks." -George Sankey

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