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Lesson 4 - Coincident Constraint

If you found this lesson helpful, then you’re going to love the rest of my Master Sketching Course!


I’m currently running a promotion where you can get Master Sketching along with my other two Premium Fusion 360 courses in one incredible bundle!


If you’re serious about learning Fusion 360 and want to Quickly master the skills and techniques to confidently begin creating your own models without being overwhelmed by the learning curve, wasting precious time YouTubing “how-to” videos, and constantly being in a “relearning the basics” cycle, then this is the program for you.

I hope to see you inside my program.


See you!



Here's what's included:


3D Printing Design Academy - Value = $249

Fusion 360 Next Level Course - Value = $249

Fusion 360 Master Sketching Course - Value $249

Total Value = $747
Promotional Price = $397


Savings of $350

Student Review

"I had been searching for a while for Fusion 360 tutorials and was thrilled when I found Vlad’s Desktopmakes Tutorials. The pace of the Beginner’s class is perfect. Vlad is an extremely gifted teacher with a clear delivery that everyone can understand. He explains the why’s and how’s of Fusion 360. You will see your confidence build as you advance from one project to the next.  

The best part is you will have these tutorials available for life!! I have gone back and viewed them many times when I needed help in designing new projects. 

Vlad is a master teacher and he will help you become proficient in Fusion 360."


-Reyce Krause

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